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Incredibly Amazing!

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"Cilka's Journey" - Heather Morris

This book once again was incredibly amazing (as the title suggests) and heart-wrenching! I loved it so much! While reading this book I was feeling as if the incidents that Cilka went through should’ve happened to me instead because Cilka is just an amazing character and I felt incredibly sad for her. Right when I read the first page I felt so bad for Cilka because she never even thought that she would ever be free I’m her entire life. I am so lucky to not be living in a world like that, although we still have our own struggles and stories there are always people that are suffering and/or have suffered way more than you have or ever will. We should always consider other people as well instead of just being absorbed by our own problems. Anyways I incredibly loved this book! And I loved the cover a lot! Thank you so much for sending me this book!

Amazing Representation!

The Infinite Noise - Lauren Shippen

     First of all, I loved the amazing diversity and representation in this book! I feel like we need more books like these in YA, books that have a lot and amazing representation. I also love how the main character Caleb connected with everyone but he especially connected with the other main character, Adam. This is a book set in our world and shows what types of feelings people have to suffer through. For example, Caleb is an empathetic; a person who feels for everyone yet he also has his own feelings which he doesn’t feel at peace with. Similarly, Adam is also someone that has a problem of being lonely and just keeping it together and not having any yet, he is extremely smart as everyone in this book says. I loved this book! P.S. I love the cover as well my friend wanted to read this book immediately after she saw the cover.

Great Representation! But, an OK book.

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The Wedding Date - Jasmine Guillory

     To start off this review I liked this book but, I also disliked this book at the same time. For example, I really appreciated the representation in this book, and that Drew and Alex were an interracial couple but, later on in the book their long distance relationship started to become very repetitive! Also, I really disliked how after the characters made a decision they immediately regretted it. On the other hand, I really liked Drew and Alexa’s friends because they were so supportive! Also, I liked this book because this is my favorite genre (contemporary/any love stories). I would really like to try Jasmine Guillory’s other books as well! In conclusion, I really liked this book but, it could’ve been better.

Source: http://www.bookishfirst.com/books/the-wedding-date/reviews/great-representation-but-an-ok-book/edit

My favorite book ever!

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The Selection - Kiera Cass

   This is my favorite book ever!  Also, the entire series is the best!  For example, the entire series has nice short quick reads.  Additionally, two of my friends have read this series and they have loved it just like I did!  In conclusion, this is my favorite book/series and you all should read it especially if you are in a reading slump!